Improve Your Badminton Game with These Total Body Workout Program

This is for recreational badminton players looking to get an edge in their weekend sessions.

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Hey, I’m  Aaron Cannon the owner of the Surfing Records Gym, where we teach you how to build your body to give you and edge in your favorite sport. Whether you’re a pro looking to try out a fresh approach that gets you to the next level or a weekend warrior who needs some help to improve their game, we at Surfing Records Gym are ready to help.  We offer a variety of workouts all designed to give you that extra edge from building speed, increasing endurance or developing strength. Drop by sometime to learn more. 

This program is truly effective!

But Don’t Take Our Word For It.

"I’m a regular at the squash courts in our neighbourhood since I was 10.  The games get pretty intense sometimes and guys really get into it. I know I got a good game, but I was able to get better thanks to Surfing Records. They helped improve my reaction time and developed speed and power with the workout developed for me."

Edward Craig
Surfing Records Client

What Do You Get With This 12-Week Program?

 With Surfing Records, you get a professional support group that will help you elevante your game. We know you’ve got game. Let us help you reach the next level.

—A Program That Includes—

Customized Workout Plan

  • You’ll get workout program designed just for you for better performance

Stronger Body

  • With our strength training program, you’re sure to quash the competition with your more powerful strokes and hits

Faster Reflexes

  • You’ll have a faster reaction time that’ll make opponents think there’s two of you

Improved Endurance

  • You won’t tire out with our cardio program, allowing you to outlast anyone

Game Tips

  • Learn from some tips that you can incorporate in your game from our trainers who are avid followers of a variety of sports

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